Orionzi-Warehouse Management System

Orionzi- e-Smart Warehouse Management System

Orionzi is a smart and simplest cloud-based WMS platform specifically designed for all enterprises looking to switch from a manual process to a fully automated system with a cost-effective solution. Orionzi WMS platform is specially developed to support your day to day operations for your single or multiple warehouses. A meticulously designed interface allows you to operate centrally via a computing device, cellular or any other handheld device. It has inbuilt complex algorithms and advanced AI to solve troublesome pains of operations. Orionzi WMS platform is efficient and easy to use and operate.

As a result, you can save time, turns to boost operator productivity, increase efficiency and reduce the operating cost.


Inventory Tracking

Orionzi Offers advanced tracking systems like Barcode Scanner, RFI (Radio Frequency Identification) and AIDC (Automatic Identification and Data Capture) facilitates the smooth and error-free movement of Materials.

Automated Interface & Integration

Orionzi leverages powerful integrations with Mobile devices, Sorting, Package Labeling, Weighing, Scanners, Printers etc helps to Automate vital processes which increase efficiency, accuracy and productivity.

Storage Utilization

Orionzi provides the ability to execute 100% accuracy in tracking and controlling material stocks which maximizes space utilization.

Operator Management

Orionzi helps to boost efficiency and increase productivity. It helps to monitor the operator performance by KPI’s

Module Customisation

Orionzi allows users to select and pay only for the essential modules as per their enterprise requirements.

Easily Adaptable

Orionzi WMS platforms easily adapt to the Manufacturing and Store Management System


It has the power and capability to fulfil Inventory Management needs. The benefits of using the WMS platform are as follows

Our Expertise....Allows You...!!

It has the power and capability to fulfil inventory management needs. The benefits of using WMS software are as follows:


Adapt to the rapidly changing warehousing world.


Keep an eye on the future and be ready to grow

Data Visibility

Know about all aspects of your operations


100% remote deployment in less than 7 days.

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