Contractual staffing

Contractual Staffing Solutions – Red BixBite Pvt Ltd.

In today’s volatile market, finding and hiring permanent employees can cost a company time and money.  Moreover, with rapid changes in technology existing full-time employees within a company may not possess all the skills required to complete a project. 

Therefore, more and more businesses are turning to contract employees, through staffing agencies in India, that meet the short-term requirements of the company, such as the placement agency, Red BixBite Pvt Ltd, that provides contract staffing services.

Contractual staffing
Contractual Staffing Solutions -

Present Staffing Difficulties

Business practices around the world are changing increasingly due to volatile markets and stricter government regulations. In times of uncertainty, hiring permanent full-time employees may not be cost effective. Additionally, permanent staff may not possess all the skills required to complete a special project or reach the new goals and objectives of the company.

In order to meet the demands of the company and to stay ahead of the competition, companies rely on staffing solution providers to fill in the gaps that they face in the workplace.

Contract Staffing Solutions

By opting for contract employees, you will always have a workforce that has the skills and talents you require to run your business efficiently. Contract staffing strengthens your current employees by providing assistance at critical times to meet project deadlines and goals. Red BixBite contract staffing solutions will reduce the burden of finding temporary staff, without the stress and hassle that your own HR department may face.
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Having access to a pool of talented individuals from every industry, we can easily find the right candidate for your short term or seasonal needs. When you choose us as your contract staffing solutions provider, we will provide highly qualified candidates, who match the skill set you require. These candidates will be able to function within your company by aligning themselves with your short-term goals and objectives. Whether you need an individual for a day, months or years, we will provide the correct qualified candidate for you.

In today’s business market many individuals are seeking contract positions as it offers them the flexibility, and freedom to move around by meeting new people and developing new skills. We have access to these professionals, who are actively seeking contract positions within companies. When you partner with us as your contract staffing provider, we will match the skills sets of individuals from our resource pool with your requirements and deliver the best candidate to you.

By partnering with Red BixBite Solutions, Pvt. Ltd, you can take advantage of: 

Hiring for your specific need – By accessing our large pool of talented individuals, we can match your requirements with the perfect candidate that will ensure you meet your project deadlines. 

HR process – You can place your trust with us to deliver the perfect candidate and reduce the burden on your HR department and save your time and money.  Your HR department is relieved from having to sort through CV’s, reviewing qualifications, screening potential candidates, scheduling interviews, shortlisting and verifying information of candidates. 

Cost effective – having the skilled staff you need as an when you need them, means you reduce costs by not having people on your permanent payroll.  Moreover, not only are the administrative costs of hiring and training a new employee reduced, the cost of providing employee benefits is also removed.

Statutory and regulatory compliance – By having contract employees on our payroll, our legal team will take care of being compliant with all statutory regulations and complying with labor laws (minimum wage, EPF, PPF, etc), thus reducing your burden and enabling you to focus on developing your core business. 

Why Red BixBite Pvt Ltd?

With our dedicated team of experienced contract staffing experts, you can rely on us to find the short term/contract employees you need that match your requirements exactly.  We have access to a large talent pool of individuals from every industry that are ready to handle the diverse roles you require in any location, whether locally or globally.  We will take care of your contract staffing needs from A-Z, including drafting staffing services contracts, so that you can focus on developing your core business and reaching your goals and objectives.  We offer:

Industry Connection – With access to a talent pool from every industry, we will select candidates that meet your requirements, whether you require IT staffing, permanent staffing, temporary staff, etc.   We can easily match our candidates who have the exact skill sets you require and can handle diverse roles. 

Customized Solutions – Unlike other contract staffing companies in India, regardless of the duration of the contract, we will work with you to understand your requirements so that we can provide candidates that have the talent and skills sets that you seek. 

Screening Process – To save your time and money we will screen each candidate to ensure the candidates possess the skills and talent you are seeking for the specific task or project.  We will also conduct background checks, employment history verification, and reference checks.

Shortlisting and Verification – With the shortlisted candidates we will verify that they are qualified and meet your requirements exactly, before introducing them to you.  The candidates we select will have both the hard and soft skills that are part of the job profile. 

Turnaround Time – We work efficiently to provide the right candidates for you in record time so that you can meet your project deadlines without any interruptions or hurdles due to an absence of skilled manpower. 

Follow Up – When we deliver your temporary/contract employee, we will maintain communication to ensure a smooth working relationship for the entire duration of the contract/project, unlike other recruitment agencies.  We are dedicated to building a long-term relationship with you, therefore, our role as your contract staffing solution provider does not end when you take on the candidate introduced by us.   

When you choose Red BixBite Contract Staffing Solutions, you can be assured that we will provide customized solutions that are cost effective, maximize efficiency and productivity while meeting all compliance requirements.  We are here to take the burden out of finding suitable candidates in a timely manner so that you can continue developing your core business without worrying about a shortage of manpower.