Crop Cutting Experiment

Crop Cutting Experiment also known as CCE is a process of conducting season and crop wise experiment at village level. Three Departments mainly Revenue, Zilha Parishad and Agriculture are involved in Crop Cutting Experiment. The data collected is used by the Central and state government to decide various policies including agricultural policies and programs. CCE plays a major role in crop insurance where insurance companies calculate the insurance cover in the event of crop failure or poor harvest due to natural calamity. Data is also used by the revenue department to calculate paisewari of a Gram Panchayat. Red Bixbite Solutions had worked with State, District and Block (Taluka) level teams to expedite their services by providing best IT solutions.
Crop Cutting Experiment


ATMA also known as Agricultural Technology Management Agency is a scheme 90 percent sponsored by the central government and 10 percent by state government. It allows active participation of farmers/farmer-groups, NGO, Krishi Vigyan Kendra (KVK), Panchayati Raj Institutions and other stakeholders operating at district level and below.
The district collector is the chairman of the board of the ATMA scheme which has linkage with all the line departments such as Animal Husbandry, Horticulture, Fisheries etc, research organizations, non-governmental organizations and agencies associated with agricultural development in the district.The ATMA at district level is responsible for all the technology dissemination activities. Red Bixbite Solutions had worked with ATMA State, District and Block (Taluka) level teams to provide MIS systems and solutions at each level.

Beneficiary Monitoring and Controlling System

The main objective of the system is to monitor and control the beneficiaries of various schemes that are implemented by the local government. It helps to track the status of the beneficiaries who have applied for various schemes. System generates various reports that help management to take further action. Beneficiary can check the status of his application and can make queries if required.
Beneficiary-Monitoring System - Redbixbite

NREGALB - Labour Budget Planning

The central government’s Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme (MGNREGA) had launched with the defined objective of enhancing livelihood security in rural areas by providing minimum guaranteed wage employment per year.

The Jobs created are used in various rural projects such as roads, canals, ponds and wells etc. Projects are mainly implemented at Gram Panchayat (GPs) level. Red Bixbite Solutions had worked with state government agencies and provided best IT solutions for labour budget planning of 45000 Gram Panchayats (GPs).

VIIDP Monitoring

VIIDP also known as Vidarbha Intensive Irrigation Development Program is designed with the main objective of increasing the productivity of rainfed farming in 11 districts in Vidarbha region.
Monitoring the physical and financial progress of the various components and generating the physical & financial progress reports was the crucial part in the implementation of the scheme. The solution provided by Red Bixbite had helped the government to understand the progress of the scheme.
Vidarbha Intensive Irrigation Development Program
Timely Reporting Area (TRA)


Timely Reporting Area (TRA) is a Central Government sponsored scheme implemented jointly by the Agriculture and Revenue Department to obtain season wise timely estimate of area under principal crops. Data received through the system are broken into irrigated, unirrigated, traditional, high yielding varieties of crops and Land use statistics. This system facilitates the frame for Crop Estimation Surveys.

MREGS, EGS and BFFS Horticulture Estimation System

The objective of this project is to provide estimation solutions for various plantation schemes sponsored by central and state governments. System helps to generate estimations and provides various reports as per needs. Red Bixbite Solutions has successfully provided the solutions to more than 150 government agencies.
MREGS, EGS and BFFS Horticulture Estimation System
Tree Valuation

Tree Valuation

The purpose of the system was to calculate the value of the tree. Valuation of trees depends on various factors in which some basic factors are bearing stage, age of tree, girth, height, spread etc. People with project affected land get the cost of the trees affected in the area. Government bodies need to acquire large amounts of land for various projects. Red Bixbite has provided solutions to calculate the beneficiary wise cost of the trees to the government.