DOC Brains

Data Extraction from Complex, Unstructured and Semi-Structured Documents.

How it Works

Documents being an integral part of almost every industry, The majority of such document dominated industries are moving towards automated digital transformation. The actual pain areas are the processing structure of such Complex, Unstructured and Semi-Structured documents and Invoices. 

To overcome this muddle DOCBrains extracts Data from complex and unstructured documents and processes it through:

DOC Brains

DOCBrains Made It Easy For Your Next-Generation Digital Transformation Initiative.

Fast Processing

Document processing activity is truly fast, Efficient and with 100% accuracy. Data extraction, Validation and export for further processing are the three steps effectively built and implemented in the system.

Powerful Image Processing

Noisy background, Complex layout, Handwritten pattern etc. and many other such sorts of powerful image processing can be done through this system which makes DOCBrains one of its kind.

Understand Complex Layout

The most important feature of DOCBrains is understanding the complex layout. This helps the user to extract data from any complex layout of the given document which can be in the structured and unstructured form to get it in synchronised format.

Barcode & QR-code Detection

DOCBrains can automatically detect barcodes and QR-codes and integrate them with the system. The output data is further processed by the inbuilt intelligent system to make it easy and manageable.

Export Data Various Formats

DOCBrains will export data in various formats like JSON, CSV, Excel, XML for further data processing. This enables the entire process to export data based on the format already embedded in the system.

Seamless Integration

The data extracted from the DOCBrains system can be seamlessly integrated with other systems which makes the exchange hassle-free (E.g. SAP, Oracle etc.) for further processing of the data.

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