Covid19 and WMS Future

Covid19 and WMS Future

Before the pandemic, the focus of warehouse and supply chain management has been largely sprinted around cost versus response. Installation warehouse automation systems and technologies require additional investment and are not quick or easy. Warehouses were never in a position where they need to invest in innovation to survive.

As the way COVID-19 and the global economic shutdown that ensued has upped the ante significantly, today’s warehouses must find ways to operate flawlessly while facing a low labor workforce. Guidelines of COVID like physical distancing, Regular washing hands make it extremely difficult for warehouses to operate, which has a trickle-down effect on the entire supply chain. Resulting in this the catalyst for the warehouse and supply chain industry to adopt and implement automation technology, to shift smooth operation and delivery flow.

Impact on the warehouse and supply chain management industry has underscored the gaps and inefficiencies in supply chain and warehouse automation strategy. Automation is now a necessity that was luxurious before the pandemic. Becoming customer-oriented service and market competency warehouse or supply chain industry cannot afford to let down productivity.

Now it’s necessary to move towards automation to create leaner and more streamlined operations.

WMS as a part of innovation and automation is expected to grow at its highest rate in the coming period. Orionzi e- Smart WMS is going to play a major role in boosting warehouse services by managing operations most efficiently and productively. WMS functions like inventory control. Labor management, dock & Yard management, order management, driving the growth of its Market.

With a complete 360° transformation in the industry, the processes are becoming more dynamic. Industries are focusing on production and quality only. So, they have stopped spending time on various services like logistics, transportation. This tends to use 3PL services giving a tremendous boost to 3PL warehousing which increases the demands for WMS.

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