Assuring Collaboration and Productivity – The Google Way

Assuring Collaboration and Productivity – The Google Way

During the course of Pandemic, the organizations that struggled quickly discovered their tools weren’t complete, scalable, secure, or built for the cloud era. Meanwhile, across all industries and business types, employees reported spikes in burnout, feelings of disconnection, and frustration with finding the latest information or using unfamiliar tools.

With many businesses headed into a hybrid model, the world of work has been transformed, possibly forever. There’s a fresh and fast-moving conversation about how organizations can succeed within the evolving future of work. But at the centre of that discussion are two familiar topics: collaboration and productivity. How will they evolve in an era of distributed teams and surging employee demand for flexibility? And how will businesses meet expectations to innovate quickly and deliver on rising customer expectations while navigating the new future of work? 

Although 2020 was a major inflection point, a closer look reveals that many of the technologies, trends and cultural norms shaping the future of work have been around for some time. For years, forward-thinking organizations have been wrestling with how to maximize collaboration, productivity, and wellbeing among their employees, and they’ve been developing the tools to make it happen at scale. By that measure, the future of work has been here for some time; it just hasn’t been evenly distributed or easily visible.

With this context in mind, Google shared a new guide Create what’s next: The future of collaboration and productivity, which highlights three areas of focus for organizations wanting to catch up with those leading the charge to empower the future of work.

  1.  Making work-from-anywhere a reality with flexible solutions
  2. Giving people helpful tools to maximize their impact
  3. Enabling knowledge sharing and human connection

Armed with these three strategies, businesses can improve productivity and encourage innovation while better meeting the needs of their customers and their employees—now and in the years ahead.

We share some highlights from the guide in the infographic below (click to enlarge). You can also download the full guide here.

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