Product maintenance and support

Product maintenance and support services

When a product or application is installed, it marks the beginning of its usage. Regular maintenance and quality checks need to be performed to keep it functioning as it was designed to do.

However, in today’s world global market, technology is constantly changing and regular updating and maintenance is necessary for businesses, so that they can continue to function smoothly and stay ahead of their competition both locally and globally.

Why is product maintenance and support needed?

Once a product or application is launched, businesses need to start thinking about the next stage in the product life cycle, as it does not end upon its launch.  Regular monitoring and maintenance are required to maintain its functionality and keep it free of bugs, errors, downtime and breakdowns.  Additionally, as technology evolves, many businesses will find their existing products and applications getting outdated, which is disadvantageous, as they can lose their position to competitors in their industry.

Our team of product support experts at Red BixBite, will work with you to create solutions to help you migrate from old technologies and legacy applications.  We understand that the cost of keeping up with the ever-changing technologies in the market, can be expensive.  Our product support professionals will determine what type of maintenance is needed and act accordingly without creating heavy financial losses and minimizing downtime.

Software Testing

Our support experts will assess your present situation, report their findings and work with you to find a solution that provides the maximum benefits without creating losses due to bugs, errors and downtime.  We offer:

  1. Corrective maintenance – fixing any bugs or errors found
  2. Adaptive maintenance – keeping existing product/technology to function in the ever-evolving technological environment.
  3. Perfective maintenance – improving current functions and operations to run at maximum efficiency.
  4. Preventive maintenance – Providing updates to fix any future errors that might occur

The solutions provided by our team of experts will ensure your business continues to runs smoothly as your product goes through regular maintenance and/or upgrades.

For further more information about our Application Support Solutions, please feel free to contact us for your requirements.