10 Benefits Of eSmart WMS Solution That May Change Your Perspective

10 Benefits Of eSmart WMS Solution That May Change Your Perspective

A WMS should thoroughly consolidate all of your important warehouse data into one easy convenient platform. It permits selected members of your supply chain to have a full view of your workings, reporting, statistics, and accurate planning.

The use of your warehouse management system should perfectly complement your other self-governing processes, and provide the following benefits:

  • Real-time data access to you increased visibility.
  • Accurate order forecasting
  • Reduction in labour costs
  • Smooth warehouse processes
  • Optimized warehouse layout
  • Inventory accuracy
  • Picking accuracy and efficiency
  • Developed warehouse versatility and responsiveness
  • Enhanced supplier relationships
  • Enhanced customer service levels
  • The ability to execute continuous optimization procedure


As a user, Orionzi makes sure to grant immediate access to your data and analytics to you to review your business. Orionzi makes sure WMS supports that, not hinders it.

The facility for WMS to work on a smartphone is the main differentiation factor when making a selection of WMS. It’s also key to look for alternative user interfaces in each WMS because you never know what you might find to make your workflow easier. Orionzi ensures the same.

Orionzi WMS provides voice functionality, allowing data to be entered via voice. Orionzi WMS also supports a wide variety of data input methods to track inventory or products, RF, RFID, Graphical RF etc.

Orionzi WMS provides the flexibility to allow you to view and manage your entire supply chain through it. It doesn’t matter whether you’re particularly expertise or not, Orionzi WMS helps you to quickly and easily make informed decisions.

In addition to a reduction in human error, lower risk of injury, and the optimization of throughput, Orionzi WMS automation reduces your overheads, adds flexibility to your hours of operation, and allows you to be more accurate in estimating your workforce requirement.

Orionzi provides you several popular tools and modules, which are the most prominent of these in your day-to-day services, operations, and the same integrated for improved performance.

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